Will Roundtree, A Distinguished CEO and Entrepreneur Committed to Spreading Awareness of Credit, Business Funding and Real Estate

While most people covet wealth and the means to achieve it, Mr. Will Roundtree is among the handful of altruists devoted to helping others not only succeed in life but understand what it takes to climb the ladder to the top.

At one point experiencing homelessness, now a reputable business coach, podcast host with a cult-like following, prominent real estate investor, and the CEO of the esteemed Las Vegas-based WE Management, Will Roundtree walked through leagues of thorns to deservingly reach the stars.

During his journey toward reaching his goals, Mr. Will Roundtree remained humble. He found his voice as a business coach and leveraged the opportunities of instant information transmitted through social media. Allowing him to extend his knowledge and expertise to the masses.

“I spent the past few years traveling the country, providing information, giving knowledge, teaching people about credit, teaching people about entrepreneurship, teaching people real estate, talking generational wealth and legacy building. Information is what separates the successful from the unsuccessful,” said Will Roundtree.

Over the past six years, Mr. Roundtree and his WE Management team have empowered more than 4,500 businesses. During this time, Will’s clients have collectively accumulated $300 million+ in business funding.

Mr. Roundtree specializes in creative financing: an unconventional, highly flexible method of acquiring working capital. Will imparted that a solid foundation in business credit and its responsible utilization are the prerequisites for building true wealth.

“Did you know that 90% of all millionaires have real estate in their portfolio? We can show you how to actually purchase real estate properties utilizing the bank’s money, using credit cards. I’ve had clients who’ve had a real estate portfolio but were not making any money until they utilized these strategies,” Will Roundtree said.

Mr. Roundtree continues to tour the United States, inspiring entrepreneurs and raising awareness of the various aspects of finances and real estate.



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