Credit really is King!

Stop using your own cash flow to fund your ventures and start making moves like the wealthy do. Learn how to harness the power of leverage.


This E-Book Is For You If:

This E-Book Is For You If:

You'll come away with step-by-step strategies to build and maintain great credit so you can:

1. Qualify for low-rate credit cards

2. Buy a home

3. Get a home equity loan

4. Rent an apartment

5. Cut your utility deposits and bills

6. Buy a car

7. Get a job

8. Qualify for a personal loan

9. Get lower auto insurance rates

10. Get lower home insurance rates

11. Save money on cell phone plans

12. Follow your dreams

Read This Before Going ANY further:

In the end, you will learn how credit matters in not just the major decisions you make, but for the minor ones as well.

Credit Is King and there is no better leverage to going your financial empire and building generational wealth.

This book is the credit bible! It’s not a book to read and set aside…it’s a reference, a guide, a workbook that you’ll continually refer back to to Hell you along your credit recovery journey. I like the fact Will provides examples of the letters you should send to creditors too. It’s a short read but very detailed. My credit was already good but it’s still a great book to help you sustain great credit. And if someone is serious about their credit, it’s a great gift to pass along. I plan to.” – Sharon

Get a copy of the e-book and audiobook version of one of the best-selling books on credit in the world!

Credit Is King & there is no better leverage to going your financial empire and building generational wealth.

This includes:



4 reviews for Credit Is King Digital Bundle

  1. Amanda L.

    This book will explain why having good credit is so important. After reading it, you’ll understand where to find your credit score, understand what the number means, and many ways you can work to improve your credit score.

  2. Aaron D.

    Easy to read and understand. The author does an excellent job of explaining the basics and the pitfalls. Covers everything needed to build or rebuild your credit.

  3. Richon M.

    The book was delivered today and I already finished it. So insightful and helpful on my credit-building journey. Something you can come back to and reference for years to come.

  4. Nate Gilmore

    The weight of the lessons I’ve learned in it is tremendous! I had no idea that the FTC, FRCA, and FDCPA have so many laws in place to help us. That has been a well-kept secret until now. Will Roundtree does an AMAZING job describing the path from terrible credit to greatness. I feel much more ready to do battle with collectors and creditors. Well worth your time and money.

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